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Lazyday_ designs
This is the graphic community of going_x_crazy (formerly real_emotion_x). I don't post consistently because I'm lazy and forgetful. Though, it's actually in my exceptionally lazy periods where I make the most icons. Thus the community name. I icon mostly jpop, kpop, anime, and video game icons; though I have dabbled a little in text and stock. I often find myself uninspired. It's frustrating, so when I do find my muse I let the creativity run wild! I'm constantly trying new things and experimenting. I've been icon making for about six years now, and though I've come a long way since then, I know there's always more I can learn.

★ the community is open to the public
★ please credit me either as going_x_crazy or lazyday_designs
★ it would be helpful if you comment to let me know what you're taking or just what you like
★ you are welcome to suggests something you would like to see, but I can't guarantee I'll ever make it
★ blank icons are not bases, don't edit/alter my icons unless I say it's okay
★ if you want to know how I did a particular effect, ask. if I can't explain it in a comment, I'll make a tutorial

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If you want to be added, please let me know by commenting here.

Just in case you don't know how; you can put whatever you want in the keywords, but please credit either "going_x_crazy" or "lazyday_designs" in the comments.


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